Pre Built Homes


Pre Built Homes

Modular homes, also known as pre Built homes, are the new way to build a custom home at an affordable price. Modular homes can be built with the same beautiful floorplans you see on our website but differ from manufactured homes by their solid foundation and building requirements. Prefab homes are constructed, or pre-fabricated, in environmentally controlled factories, transported to the home site and assembled on a traditional foundation system. With modular homes, the home of your dreams is easy, fast, and affordable.

These pre built homes are built with strict quality-control systems using the same materials and governed by the same building codes required by home builders on site-built homes. They arrive at your site as separate prefabricated modules and are neatly assembled within days into homes that are indistinguishable from comparable homes built on-site.

Why are prefab homes becoming so popular? The speed and quality in modular home production is a huge benefit. In our factory, our highly skilled craftsmen have the tools and conditions to ensure your pre built home is built with quality and pride. As a result, wind and rain do not cause construction delays or damage building materials. Home production for prefab homes can take half the time of a site-built home, or less. Below are some things you should know about modular homes.

Modular Homes/Pre built Homes:

  • Must conform to the same local, state and regional building codes as homes built on-site.
  • Are treated the same by banks as homes built on-site and are easily refinanced.
  • Have the same features as similarly priced site built homes.
  • Are built to a different code from traditional building, which build to HUD code. While floor plans are the same, modular homes can be further customized and the structural build is built to stricter site-build requirements.
  • Undergo rigid inspection processes  in the manufacturing plant and by local building inspectors on-site.
  • Can be of any size and can be built to most architectural styles.
  • Are generally constructed with 25% more structural members and fasteners than site built homes resulting in strong and durable homes.
  • Highly customizable. The buyer usually decides the design before construction has begun and can select from a broad range of options and finishes.
  • Generally take 2-3 weeks to construct. Differing from a site-built home, the modular home foundation can be dug at the same time that the house is being constructed.

Prefab homes can also be designed with custom options and elements, so you have a customized prefab home designed by you and factory built thru the modular homes process, cutting time and delivering your dream home.


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