Pre Built Tiny Home


Pre Built Tiny Home

Pre Built Tiny Home is a new product that is designed for customers combined with environmental protection and ecological construction. The most prominent feature is the steel structure housing more than the average for industrialized production, the relocation of more convenient to install a shorter period, resulting from less construction waste.
Compact interior space layout, ample storage room, combined with multi-functional kitchen and bathroom, reflect the small but complete, convenient living effect. They are more economic, more environment-friendly, more comfortable, and durable.

Affordable Steel Kit Home: exquisite small village house with wooden porch and the rest platform: its external walls can be combined with stone and spray with wood-grain light steel structure, to show a comfortable pastoral mood. It also has the following advantages.

  1. Good Quality
    We choose high-quality steel to make support. As for panels, we also choose two layers of high-quality steel or other precision-forming metal as the surface. In the middle, we inject flame-retardant polyurethane bubble liquid, through high-pressure foaming and curing process. We use strong adhesion to compound them. So it posses a lot of advantages. Such as wind-resistance level 8 grade, earthquake resistance 8 grade, heat resistance, soundproofing, hot insulation, damp proofing.Reasonable Price
    Our company makes full use of our district’s advantages. Such as abundant raw materials, excellent professionals, and a lot of labor. We have our own factory, we are the source, so our price is very competitive. What’s more, the more quantity, the more discount.

    3. Express and Safe Logistics
    We promise we will deliver the products on time, and wrap them in a safe way so that you can get complete and high-quality products.

    4. Easy Installation
    Installation is very simple. It only takes you two or three weeks to install it. So you can live in your own room very soon. In addition that, the prefab house is movable, you take it with you anywhere.

    5. Multi-room
    We can design the structures according to your requests so that you can spend a small amount of money but live in a comfortable house. For example, we will design the independent toilet, kitchen for you.

    6. Long Service Life
    Generally speaking, it can serve you for 30 years or even more.

    We are one of the pioneering companies that specialize in container houses. Our products are welcomed by many foreign customers. Our business has expanded to South Africa, Austria, America, England, and other 20 countries. We have many experiences in providing solutions for construction site temporary building. We enjoyed the highest degree of professional skills. Our products cover container building, prefabricated building houses, and other construction site houses. If there is any need, please feel free to contact me. Please contact us if you are interested in it.


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