Remote Work Camps


Remote Work Camps

Construction site accommodation plays an important role in the construction sites. Without it, maybe the whole construction projects fail to be done as expected. Most construction workers are immigrants, far from their homes. Remote Work Camps enable them a place to live in. It even can be said that construction site accommodation holds the key to whether people work here. But construction site accommodate is generally costly, made of bricks or concrete. and they even have an effect on the surrounding environment. So here I’d like to introduce to your our construction site accommodation.

As the main materials of Construction site accommodation, Prefabricated Light Steel Frame Kit Homes are connected by bolts. These components are all recyclable. This actually minimizes the damage to the environment and workers. Our construction site accommodation can be set up within 1 week. This definitely makes the construction period shorter. By this, workers could have a shelter to live in quickly.
Our Prefab Remote Work Camps can be tailor-made according to the actual need of the users. Both its size and color can be changed.
The washroom, toilet, and kitchen can be added if there is a need. When the construction work is all done, the construction site accommodation can be disassembled as fast as its installation.
Our company, K-Home, has been engaged in Prefabricated Metal Building since it began its business. We are well appreciated for our fast delivery and good quality and welcomed by both domestic customers and abroad. Now our business scope has extended to more than 20 countries from North America, Africa, and the middle east. This is our pride and driving engine. After all, showing the best experience to customers is our goal. Please feel free to contact us. Our cellphone and E-Mail are accessible all day. We are looking forward to your message ASAP.


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