Prefab Container House


Prefab Container House

Prefab Container House in Mining sites is always in remote areas with challenging conditions, requiring rugged accommodations. Workforce accommodations for FIFO camps must be durable, comfortable, and safe in extreme environments as well as highly portable and easy to install. These requirements push us K-HOME works on prefab modular house for many decades; the Flat Pack Container House has been upgraded many times.

  1. First is we have upgraded the durable of the portable container house, make the steel frame more anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Increased all steel is galvanized, hide the roof purlin inside the house, the exposed beam and column make anti-rust spray powder coated again and again. To make sure the safety of the house first.
  2. Then we increase the number of roof purlin and floor purlin. Now the roof load capacity is 0.4KN/㎡, the floor load capacity is 2.0KN/㎡.
  3. Upgrade the rainwater drainage system, exhaust the rainwater to go out of the house faster and easier. We add 4 deep galvanized gutters on the top; it will collect rainwater from the roof, and send the water out through the 3 corners, inside corners, there are 4 downpipes inside. So the rainwater will exhaust out very quickly, much better than natural flow.
  4. Increase the EPS insulation to A 1 fireproof rock wool material, this is a none fire material, more durable, and stronger.
  5. Upgrade the connection hole to the inner connection way, so if someone wants to steal the screws, it will be impossible, and with no gaps appearance, it will be more anti-rust.

After all, those improvements, now the flat pack container house has reached a great windproof, waterproof, comfortable, fast assemble, and ready to move in characters.

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