Prefab Homes Under 20K


Prefab Homes Under 20K

The material has good plasticity and toughness, can be deformed greatly, and can withstand dynamic loads well;

High processing precision, high efficiency, and good airtightness;

High strength, lightweight, high rigidity, and strong stability;

The prefab homes are composed of light steel as a structure and enclosed with the sandwich panel. The choice of the sandwich panel is also very important.

The sandwich panels are divided into foam sandwich composite panels, rock wool sandwich composite panels, and glass wool composite panels.

The foam sandwich panel is light in weight, convenient in construction, and has good thermal insulation.

The biggest advantage of rock wool sandwich panels is that they have excellent fire resistance. They belong to Class A non-combustible materials, but they are slightly heavier. At the moment when life safety is emphasized, the scope of use continues to expand and is increasingly accepted by the market.

Function: Temporary offices and dormitories on construction sites; construction houses for large-scale field exploration and field operations such as railways and transportation; temporary commercial or other houses for urban municipalities; temporary houses for earthquake relief and military fields; roof connecting floors, etc.


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