Prefab Metal Buildings


Prefab Metal Buildings

We offer prefab metal buildings in a variety of sizes, allowing you to build anything from prefab house to portable office. Our experienced sales representatives will help you choose or design the perfect metal building for your needs, and have it delivered to you in 3to 6 weeks. Each piece in your prefab metal building is pre-sized and pre-punched for ease of installation. Each metal kit comes with all the accessories you’ll need as well as detailed installation information. Our durable prefab metal building kits come standard with a 25-year finish warranty on the walls.

Customizing Your Prefab Metal Buildings
Built with the highest quality steel, these prefab building kits can be modified with a range of accessories to fit your needs. These options include doors, windows, vents, floor kits and roofing. Choose from a variety of colors to further customize the look of your building kit.
For buildings that will be used for prefab houses, easily doors to make your building more accessible. For more extreme climates, you can add insulation to regulate the temperature inside your metal building.
Prefab Metal Building Kit Features
Each building kit comes with all the accessories necessary to erect your prefab building, office or office including frames, girts, bolts, purlins and screws.
Prefab Metal buildings are a durable, low maintenance solutions for houses, offices and hospitals. Compared to wood or other traditional building materials, metal is resistant to damage from high winds, fire and termites. Since steel is self-supporting, it uses interior columns and steel structure for building the house. This means that the interior layout of your prefab metal building is totally customizable to fit your needs. With our prefab metal building kits, you’ll save money on construction costs since all of the pieces are pre-punched and pre-sized to fit your needs.
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