Prefab Sandwich Panel House


Prefab Sandwich Panel House

The prefabricated modular house is designed based on the assumptions of a snow load of 50kg/m2, a wind speed of 0.5kn/m2, degree 7 of earthquake conditions. The roof slope is 20 degrees.

There are two ways to make the roof. One way is using a pre-composite sandwich panel made up of pre-spray-colored galvanized steel plate of 0.4 mm. in thickness at inner/outer face and rock wool, insulation of 50mm in thickness, and 40kg/m3 in density. Another way is the traditional way to composite wire-mesh, glass-wool roll, and pre-colored galvanized steel shingle on site. But we don’t suggest the second way, this is more complex when making construction.


Frame and Wall Panel can be supplied either in the same color (White) or a special color if the order quantity is big.
We can also offer a range of alternative external cladding options, including Timber, Plastic Timber, PVC Siding or Brick Effect Fiber-cement Board if preferred.

Particular part or form is duplicated so often, it’s easier and more cost-effective to manufacture scores of them at once, rather than build them as needed on-site. Economies of scale dictate a lower cost per piece when made at a facility specifically designed to meet that need, not to mention bulk transportation that saves on travel costs.

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