Prefab School Classrooms


Prefab School Classrooms

When there is a new semester and many new registered students, the school owner needs to extend their school buildings in a short time. So how can they find a cost-effective way to build a school quickly without structural safety concerns? Now there are the new type buildings very suitable for this condition, which are our Prefab School Classrooms. The prefab modular classrooms adopt a modular design, which is very flexible and can be customized to your actual needs.
The prefab modular school buildings are made of light steel structure and insulation materials. After professional design and calculation, their structure can withstand big wind and earthquake, so you don’t need to worry about the strength. All components of the Prefabricated Schools are produced in our factory, and will be loaded in shipping containers for transportation.
The prefab school classrooms can also built with other functional areas such as kitchen & dining hall, administrative office, and public toilets. In the modular classrooms, it can also equipped with solar panels, projectors, air conditionings and other facilities to make a better learning environment for students.
For installation, you don’t need to worry about it, either. All the materials are connected with each other by bolts. It don’t need weld. You just need to assemble them as building block games. Five skilled workers can install about 100 square meter prefab classroom in half day, which is very quick and labor cost saving.


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