Temporary Modular School Building


Temporary Modular School Building

Temporary Modular School Building is a kind of ideal building that is livable and environmental-friendly. With the light steel as a load-bearing beam, Modular School Construction have their components connected with bolts. This can keep it away from using concrete, which is well-known, not strong enough to resist wind, storm, and earthquake

Light Steel Prefab House actually can shorten the construction period. With no need to build a foundation, almost one month could be saved. As to the delivery time, we can assure you that it will be controlled within 2 weeks. Our professional workers are all housed in the factory to monitor the whole production line. Be it a residential department or hotels for sale, Readymade houses always can meet the demand of the customers.
Its beautiful appearance, comfortable design, and eco-friendly materials set it as the hallmark of the whole construction industry. With these benefits, you must be fretted about its cost. To be honest, Ready Made Houses are at a lower price than that concreted building you’ve constructed. But its performance ratio can ravel any construction buildings. 100% recyclable materials of light steel could be used in other ways even when the house was disassembled. With that, the damage to the environment could be minimalized to zero. That’ may be the reason why we had seen it go popular in recent years.
As a professional company exporting Prefab School for more than a decade, K-Home definitely has a place in the construction industry. We have skillful engineers and diligent workers, and they could offer you the best experience. Our after-sale service is world-class. More details about our products could be seen on our website. You can contact us via the phone number and E-Mail we posted on our website. A quick response would be made.

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