Prefab Sip Homes


Prefab Sip Homes

A Prefab Sip home is a wonderfully comfortable, thoughtfully designed, energy efficient or zero energy custom prefab home that is attractive and inviting both inside and out. Prefab homes in Khome Steel Structure are designed in direct response to your personal design needs, aesthetic tastes, climate, topography and building budget.

Timeless design elements including open living spaces designed to the human scale, passive solar natural day lighting, ceilings, positive outdoor spaces and logical, space efficient, functional design are part of every Khome Modular home.

Prefabricated homes can be designed in almost any architectural style, from ranch to territorial, contemporary to farmhouse, or to blend with the homes in your area. The SIP building system increases design options, allowing for lofts, vaulted ceilings and interesting window groupings. SIPs are custom fabricated and arrive on site ready to be assembled.

This means less time and waste on the job site while ensuring a more consistent, high quality finished product. We have specialized in SIP design and have learned to make the most of the design and construction advantages that SIPs Prefabricated homes afford.

Our passive Steel Structure design principals have evolved over the years in order to create highly energy efficient homes with wonderful living spaces that don’t suffer from the problems that traditional homes usually suffer from.

Just like traditional homes, Prefab Sip homes blend in effortlessly with their architectural surroundings and are attractive and unassuming but only better. Our sip panel house principals come from personal experience, from listening to past clients as they live in their Modular homes and from our ongoing research into sustainable home design, building materials and methods.

Our sips prefabricated homes combined with our use of A Pattern Language and The Not So Big House design philosophies create home prefab designs that are timeless, exceptionally energy efficient and very comfortable.


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