Prefab Steel Buildings


Prefab Steel Buildings

Welcome to Khome Steel structure, your leading manufacturer of high quality, prefab steel buildings.  Khome steel structure offers clear prefab, steel construction, which maximizes the space available in your building.

People require durable buildings that can take on the sometimes punishing climate. Khome prefab buildings battle the harshest weather problems.

Khome offers a wide variety of pre-fabricated  steel building sizes and designs to meet your needs and your tastes.  Our steel buildings are used in a number of applications including commercial, residential and industrial.  Whether you require prefab unit for valuable house, a manufacturing facility or a onsite workers camp or a hospital, Khome steel structure have you covered.

Khome steel buildings are durable.  Our prefab steel buildings provide excellent protection against heavy winds and rains, hail storms, snow and ice.  Khome steel buildings also offer strong resistance to earthquakes, hurricane winds and excellent fire resistance.  And, our prefab buildings are maintenance free!

The Khome Steel building advantages are clear…affordability, freedom from maintenance, easy do-it-yourself construction, maximum usable space, superior protection against the elements, fire resistance and world-class engineering, service and support.  Khome prefab Steel buildings are so versatile; there is no limit to the building possibilities.

Proceed carefully before choosing a steel building…

Your purchase of a prefab steel building is very important and there are many issues to consider other than size and price. Khome Steel Buildings will help you through the process and answer all of your questions. You will be given the complete picture so that you can make an informed decision. You will not be pressured into a prefab building that is not right for you. Khome Steel Structure is the longest-running manufacturer of prefabricated steel buildings having blazed the trail with innovative steel building solutions.

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