Prefab Worker Dormitory


Prefab Worker Dormitory

Prefab Worker Dormitory is used as student dormitory containers, college dorm containers, and accommodation containers in places such as public and private schools, retirement homes, social facilities, hospitals, and military barracks, mainly in construction sites, mining camp areas.

  1. The advantage of Modular Portable Accommodation compared to reinforced concrete structures is that it is lighter and can be delivered on a turnkey basis in a shorter time.
  2. It provides good sound insulation thanks to the metals used in the production of dormitory container systems and its thick wall structure. Rain and snow water does not leak into the building. In this way, it can be used in difficult weather conditions. By giving priority to personal safety, we manufacture our products from quality materials. We manufacture products resistant to changing climatic conditions, heat, and cold.
  3. It is fire-resistant. The double-glazed windows used contribute to the heat insulation by keeping the rooms at the same temperature. 4.PVC floors used in floor coverings offer easy cleaning.
  4. Other important advantages of the dorm container are its special outer coverings and room divisions in international standards.
  5. we produce a custom scalable combined dorm container model with standard production for different areas. If you wish, we can add a roof option to the dormitory container. The dorm container can be dismantled and reassembled several times.
  6. Thanks to this feature, it is extremely easy to move from where it is located to other places. Changes can be made to the exterior and interior decoration to have an aesthetic appearance.

we also serve you with our experienced staff. Since the year we were founded, we have grown rapidly and continue to grow with our customer satisfaction-oriented approach. We blend modern technologies with traditional methods in production and use top-quality materials. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our dormitory container house.


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