Prefabricated Classroom Buildings


Prefabricated Classroom Buildings

Welcome to the top-notch company that delivers Prefabricated Classroom Buildings in China. K-home focuses on Prefab Modular House Development, and familiar with delivering high-quality pre-manufactured buildings and modules. Nowadays education becomes necessary for students. But for the left-behind children in poverty areas, their parents are low-income people without enough money, so they without a classroom, without school, and without an atmosphere there no scope for education. That’s why the low-cost steel frame house is one of the best solutions for temporary classrooms and schools.

K-home holds the authority to deliver you the quantity as well as quality based buildings for your purposely uses. We use the best steel and sandwich panel material to manufacture the Prefab School Classrooms in China for long term uses. You can compare our Prefab buildings with others, we always rank top in every comparison. We will offer you an affordable house for School Temporary Buildings, the cost which will be bearable for any organization.



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