Prefabricated Construction


Prefabricated Construction

Using Prefabricated Construction products take the best of prefabrication and construction to provide a more comfortable, sustainable, and durable building for you.

Now more prefabricated building is widely used in many application, such as modular lodging projects, commercial modular buildings, modular school buildings, prefab retirement homes, modular hospitals, prefabricated modular buildings, offices and remote housing, etc.

People like it because it could reduce Project Risk With Off-Site Construction like below:

Traditional Construction Today is Risky

  • Labor Shortages: Industry relies heavily on skilled labor availability
  • Schedule Delays: 61% of typical projects are delivered late
  • Lower Quality: Quality can suffer when costs spike and schedule slips
  • Material Availability: Demand and market volatility drive price fluctuations
  • Cost Overruns: 49% of typical projects are over budget
  • Risk to Revenue: Delays and cost overruns threaten financial models

Prefab buildings are now becoming popular because of the many benefits to a business owner. There are many applications of prefab buildings – from medical to military to construction to mining. The biggest advantage is really the cost-effective pricing.

Should you have any inquiry about the prefabricated house, send us your prefabricated man camp or remote housing needs, from one residence to a complete city, we could find a solution for you.


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