Prefabricated Container House


Prefabricated Container House

Container homes are exactly what they sound like; homes made from the steel structure. From steel structure people are building prefabricated container houses.

Besides trendiness, interest in prefabricated container houses is also part of a wider interest in saving money with prefabricated and modular homes. Many potential homeowners are looking for lower construction and maintenance costs. There is also a perception that container homes are contributing to recycling

Prefabricated Container Houses

Many prefab container homes are available as prefabricated modular homes, making construction time shorter. Khome steel structure insures delivery within 3-6weeks! Most of the building code inspections are done at the factory, which makes things simpler and quicker. Or if you are designing a custom home or building a do-it-yourself project, the container gives you a fun prebuilt structure to work with.

Ease of Transport and Finding a Site

A worldwide system exists for moving prefab containers around. Once they reach your site, they are relatively simple to set in place on a prepared foundation.

Prefab Container Homes Have Predictable Costs

Most of the work is completed on a factory floor for a fixed price. Delivery to the site, site preparation, foundation, assembly and utility connections are the only variable costs. That said, container homes are not always less expensive. Estimates vary, and some put the savings at 5-10%, depending on what you’re comparing against.

Recycled Steel Structure Homes

The environmental appeal of a container home is the idea that you are re-using a leftover product from steel industry to make a home. This can be a good thing

Even container home skeptics admit they can be useful where local building expertise is lacking or for emergency shelters that can be moved easily. In these scenarios, the versatility of container transport is a huge advantage.

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