Prefabricated Container Houses


Prefabricated Container Houses

Khome Steel Structure is a global supplier of new Prefabricated container Houses. We offer numerous residential, commercial, retail and industrial projects; an eco-friendly, affordable, custom enclosure is the best solution. Our commitment to quality prefabricated construction and craftsmanship allows us to produce cost-effective sustainable living and working spaces in a timely fashion.

Composed of stackable, prefabricated modules, our modular containers houses are meant to offer a cost-effective, high-quality solution to affordable and supportive housing around the globe. Our prefab modules can be assembled in different configurations and can be quickly deployed. Email us today to learn more about our prefab built containerized structures.

Khome Steel Structure has a wide range of modular and prefab container houses options for retail spaces including pop up stores, container bars, restaurants, cafes, marketing and experiential activations. Whether it is a stock product like a prefab container house or a custom design our team can guide you from concept to installation.

Generator enclosures, fire training facilities, utility buildings and mining containers are only just a few of the industrial uses for our unique modular and prefab container structures. Often custom designed by our clients and engineered by us, these prefabricated structures can be shipped globally and assembled almost anywhere. Khome Steel Structure also offers design services for our clients all over the world.

Having built the largest prefabricated and modular commercial prefab container development in Africa, Khome  is well equipped to assist you with your build. Whether you’re looking for a small scale commercial space or a large development for offices, container markets or innovation hubs, we can help bring your idea to reality.

From conceptualization, planning and material sourcing to building, delivery and installation, we know that even the smallest details can have a great impact.

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