Prefabricated Dormitory


Prefabricated Dormitory

The modular prefabricated system means: Systems are built with major modules or building blocks, assembled and tested in the factory, then shipped and combined on-site to form a functioning facility.

Key advantages are:

Fast Assemble


Ship Anywhere

Speed of Deployment

Minimum Site Work

Re-Deployable if necessary

These modules can be buildings, containers. The modular system may be designed to simplify expansion in the future by adding more process units Portable/temporary commercial buildings could typically be directly connected to your existing structure and may have canopies or other roof coverings filling the space between.

Prefabricated Dormitory buildings can be built with off-site construction to connect seamlessly with your existing structure matching the façade and other structural and technological details of your current building.

So far, homeowners, mining services, holiday and education systems, disaster relief services, emergency disaster shelter, and many others have found this FREE guide incredibly useful to learn about container homes for private, commercial, or retail purposes.

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