Prefabricated Emergency Relief Housing


Prefabricated Emergency Relief Housing

Prefabricated emergency relief housing for a more dignified life in displacement. Durable Structure. The Flat-Pack Emergency Refuge And Better Shelter.

Modular buildings are used in every aspect of life, from city centers to house complexes.Emergencies are a fact. Dozens of events take place almost every day around the world for various reasons such as migration, earthquake, natural disaster. After such unusual situations, sheltering is primarily needed. This need should be met as soon as possible in the best quality. In this case,emergency relief housing, which can be preferred, are life-saving. Waste and cost is minimized by using the most efficient raw material in the factory. Khome Prefabricated Emergency Relief Housing products are delivered all over the world.

We have been preferred by state institutions, private institutions and non-governmental organizations. Due to our vast experience in the sector, we produce the best quality and most economical structure for you, while at the same time analyzing your needs in the most accurate way, we produce the most accurate structure for you.

Very comfortable living spaces can be built with houses using building materials such as prefabricated, container and steel. In addition to being budget friendly with its prices, low cost houses are also environmentally friendly with its structure. In Prefab Refugee Shelter, it is much more advantageous in terms of factors such as global warming and environmental pollution  and energy savings are achieved with high heat and sound insulation.

Contact Khome teams for more detailed information about prefabricated emergency relief housing and Modular homes,which provides advantages in many ways in emergency situations, and allow you to own the house you want. Don’t waste your time and budget


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