Prefabricated Labor Colony


Prefabricated Labor Colony

It is an utmost responsibility of every organization to provide better & comfort stay to their worker or labor who are working on sites in the form of labour hutments & workers accommodation. Every construction companies are facing the problem of scarcity of labor, thus it is important to retain workers or labors by providing Khome Prefabricated Labor Colony & accommodations. Khome manufactures prefabricated workers accommodation using insulated sandwich panels which provides better &happier living to their labor and workers on the work sites.

Khome Steel Structure is pioneer in manufacturing & supplying prefabricated labor hutments by providing customized solution to its client as per their requirement and land availability. We strive to deliver ready to move in accommodation including electrical & sanitary fittings.

Our prefab labor colony provides happier & better living to the labors or workers working on the site.

Economical & cost effective solution.

Ultimate design helps in quick delivery & installation.

Prominent & adequate design of prefabricated accommodation is earthquake & disaster resistant. offers multi storied hutments in case of shortage of land.

Khome offers 100% customized solutions makes these prefab hutments available in different sizes & design as per customer needs & space availability.

Longer service life and guaranteed protection from weather.

We are not limited to provide the site office, you can hop in for the prefabricated buildings, clean room and prefabricated structures for different purposes. As for now you want to buy the prefabricated labor colony . Your all questions will be answered here that why you should buy a prefab hutment residence for your business and how it can help you to grow your business too. As well as why you should buy Prefabricated labor colony from Khome Steel Structure.

Khome offers the complete turnkey solution under one roof right from designing, manufacturing till execution which offers a ready to move in solution for your prefabricated labor colony.


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