Prefabricated Military Buildings


Prefabricated Military Buildings

At Khome, we’re proud to protect those who protect others. Our prefabricated military buildings are deployed at bases everywhere for protecting equipment, materials and personnel from the elements. Trusted for their strength and versatility, steel structures save money and labor compared with putting up conventional buildings.

Khome’ s prefabricated military buildings can be ordered and ready to use in as little as six weeks — far less than brick and mortar buildings. Additionally, the temporary steel structures can be disassembled and relocated as needed.

Our prefabricated military buildings are constructed by state of the art technology, allowing you to house large equipment, vehicles and machinery, as well as  storage. Because we pre-engineer our prefab military structures to meet local building codes and withstand all weather, they’re suitable for a multitude of climates and applications.

We offer building solutions for prefabricated military buildings with advantages of short time production and quick installation. Our buildings can be easily stocked or disassembled and moved to other locations thanks to its demountable system. Our prefab military buildings give special solutions to moving mechanized troops, UN peacekeeping forces, NATO and other similar associations.

Taking into consideration the international standards when preparing our prefabricated military buildings, we also consider special options and applications according to national armies’ standards.

Khome steel structure is proud to work with all branches of the military, and for decades, we have provided prefabricated military structures for a wide range of applications. There is no arena that relies on dependability and durability more than the military, and khome’ s steel structures use the highest-quality materials that ensure dependable and durable solutions for numerous military applications.


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