Prefabricated Motel Units


Prefabricated Motel Units

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you know how essential quality construction is. You want to offer the best hotel or prefab motel units for your guests, but you do have a budget and time constraints to consider. When you need a high-quality hotel built on time for the right price, go prefab.

Prefabricated motel units are rising in popularity in the U.S., and it’s no wonder why. Learn the modular hotel construction process and benefits to their design to see why they may be the best choice for you and your guests.

Prefabricated Motel Units

Before you begin the construction process, you must get the proper permits for your prefabricated motel units. You’ll need local and state permits to ensure your building is up to code once it arrives.

Inspectors who specialize in prefabricated buildings will typically look at modular construction hotels. Because everything is walled up once the modules arrive, inspectors primarily take a look at the modules throughout the building process off-site. Their inspection ensures the safety of your building components so when everything comes together, it is secure and up to code.

Having inspectors examine the building in the factory also makes the construction process easier. Manufacturers won’t ship a building to you only to have it sent back because it doesn’t meet the right standards. Instead, they can simply fix any issues in the factory before sending your modules.

While the build process is simple, you complete similar steps as you would with traditional construction:

  • Contact the Khome for the design of your prefabricated motel units
  • Finding the right measurements of the container building
  • Finding a general contractor experienced with modular builds
  • Going over design plans
  • Building a foundation and amenities with traditional construction
  • Assembling the modules
  • Installing utilities and finishing touches

Khome specializes in building Steel buildings.

Let our design team help you build your dream prefabricated motel units.


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