Prefabricated Panelized Home Kit


Prefabricated Panelized Home Kit

Khome’s panelized home Kits have been around for decades. People are just now realizing their true benefits. Panelization is simply the process of making wall sections in a factory instead of out at the construction site. By doing this we reduce waste, miscuts, and miscalculations, control costs, and ensure a consistently high-quality product. We are also able to give you a guaranteed cost for the materials we supply to build your prefab home.

Some people call them prefab homes, prefabricated houses, panel homes, stick-built panelized homes, and more names.  The reality is our system of prefabricating the panelized home package is a more efficient method of panelized home kits.

Khome uses a quality production line to assemble your new prefabricated panelized home kit in a factory setting and controlled environment!  This has shown to produce a more consistent and higher quality product than conventional steel structure at a controlled cost.

We can help you in all the states from New York, to Florida to California to Washington our panelized homes have been delivered to all!

 Prefabricated Panelized home kits are basically steel structure homes prefabricated into panels and trusses in the controlled environment of a production line.

We supply all the rough openings for the interior doors as well.  These interior walls are also shown on the assembly plans.

The Khome panelized home kit includes more than just materials to build your prefab home. When you purchase your home, Khome supplies the preliminary plans, engineering, final plans for permits and building phases, assembly plans, and delivery of your new prefabricated panelized home kit.  We are also very proud of our customer service and availability!

A dedicated Khome representative is available to speak with you during the day, during your lunch break, when your workday is finished, and on weekends. We realize that your building project is not just a 9 to 5 project. We will be there to help you because we enjoy what we do and we want your project to be the best



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