Prefabricated Panels House


Prefabricated Panels House

In prefabricated panels house, we include prefabricated houses and other buildings such as administrative, office buildings, apartment buildings, schools and kindergartens, which are constructed on the basis of prefabricated sandwich panel walls that already contain pre-specified materials such as gypsum lining, windows, facade insulation or preparations for wiring.

The advantages of the sips construction system is its installation in individual prefabricated construction units, so-called “prefabs”. Prefabricated structures of prefabricated buildings meet all the construction criteria set in the technical standards, such as static parameters, thermal and sound insulation properties, and fire safety parameters.

Khome Steel Structure, which has so far carried out only conventional steel structure construction, thus acquires the possibility to offer its customers an alternative in the form of a prefabricated house without unnecessary additional investment.

Khome provides customers with manufacturing of prefabricated houses and other buildings based on individual requirements.

Prefabricated panels houses can be used as one separate building system of construction, or we can use it in combination with another construction system. It is primarily a combination of reinforced steel structures, where a SIP panel sandwich prefab is an ideal solution for cladding.

For a contractor, this ensures an enormous speed of construction and thus time and cost savings for the construction management.

Prefabrication is carried out in controlled factory conditions. High accuracy and precision significantly reduce the errors that normally arise from construction on the site. Thanks to prefabricates, no construction waste is produced on the construction site.

After the construction of the panel structure, the prefab building system behaves like a Steel shell, which provides up to 5 times greater static parameters than a conventional Steel frame construction. The building made of SIP panels thus provides a robust and solid feeling, which is difficult to distinguish from the traditional construction system.

At Khome Steel Structure we believe in providing quality to our clients for all kinds building steel structures.


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