Prefabricated Steel Buildings


Prefabricated Steel Buildings

The first thing to consider is what you need the building for, and where it’s going to be located. For example, Prefabricated steel buildings are built faster than concrete tilt-up buildings are, but they are more resistant to earthquakes and wind.

Steel buildings are fine in areas that lack heavy public traffic, while modular construction is a better choice for buildings that face heavy use. If security is a vital concern, concrete is stronger and harder to penetrate than steel, making it more secure.

Khome Steel Structure is truly distinguished by our core values, honesty, integrity, and strong commitment to our customer’s needs.

Our team of professionals will provide you with the best quality Steel buildings at the lowest possible price. We have comprehensive warranties, competitive prices, and are committed to assisting you with your building plans; from concept, to completion.

Khome is your ONE STOP SHOP! We provide you with your custom designed prefab steel building, certified building drawings, which are designed to meet your locations wind and snow loads. Furthermore, we also provide stamped engineered drawings, plus the foundation and erection of your Prefabricated steel building. Whether you want one service, or a TURNKEY project, our team of professionals are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our prefab buildings are ideal for residential, commercial, and agricultural uses. We custom design prefab houses, offices, onsite buildings, factories, farm buildings, storage units,  production plants,  etc. Whatever your need is, call an experienced building consultant for an industry leading quote; and make your vision a reality!

Prefabricated buildings have been utilized by businesses, organizations, and institutions across a wide range of industries as a convenient, functional, high quality, and affordable building solution.

Traditionally, companies requiring storage have been limited to conventional buildings fabricated with wood or concrete. These approaches came with drawbacks for business owners, including the deterioration of natural building materials, exorbitant labor costs, and the need for ongoing maintenance (which can quickly become pricey).

Prefab steel buildings were a welcomed alternative since they addressed these pressing concerns without compromising on quality, design, or practicality.

Today, prefab buildings are built in just about any sector you can think of.


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