Prefabricated Temporary Modular Homes


Prefabricated Temporary Modular Homes

The wall of Prefabricated Temporary Modular Homes is made from the pre-spray-painted color steel sandwich panel. Wall panels are of the same modular prefab size and can be switched to each other easily. The thickness of the wall can be 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm.

The insulation for the wall, roof, can be Rock Wool, Polyurethane, or Polystyrene.

  • Material: Cold roll steel profile with hot-dipped galvanized finishes
  • Manufacture of joint plate: Using steel plate welded. Hot-dip galvanized after adjustment.

Plumbing installation for the prefabricated homes of equipment sinks and floor drains in the toilet can be supplied based on your requirement. But usually, if this is a big project, all clean and wastewater system design will be in accordance with local government, so it’s better to hire a local team to make it, this way will avoid waste time and money.

When connecting the plumbing at the prefab house project, the clean water piping for each area will be separately connected to individual inlet pipes. Inlet/outlet pipes of each wet area will be extended 1m out of the plan footprint of the building. Connection of these inlet/outlet pipes (2 or 3 for each wet area) to respect main utility pipes will be supplied by the client.


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