Quick Build Modular Home


Quick Build Modular Home

The modular container house is widely accepted by the  market, because of its features as below:

  1. Move freely
  2. Low cost
  3. Fast assemble
  4. Eco friendly
  5. Low foundation request
  6. Economic Transportation method

And it can be a single independent or attached to the existing building, and with the expansion of the required land area, container houses can be increased in number at any time to expand the internal space, which can be said to be a perfect solution for enlarging your space.

The scope of application is very wide, such as a holiday cottage, an independent office, or a big office building, military camp, school, restaurant, etc. No matter how large your area is, the quick build modular containers can be connected infinitely to meet your needs.

At present, the containers we produce have perfectly solved the functions of rain, wind, and earthquake resistance, and we have made strict selections on the wallboard insulation and fire protection functions. Due to the size change, it is now more economical in transportation. Now a 40HC shipping container could load 11-15 of our container unit. Greatly reduce your transportation costs.

The house can be recycled, can last for 15 years or even longer, and no construction waste will be generated during the installation process. The following are some of our company’s previously completed projects for your reference.


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