Quick Built Container Homes Modular Workforce Camps


Quick Built Container Homes Modular Workforce Camps

Our quick-built container home allows you to set up Modular Workforce Camps anywhere you want. We’ve collected feedback from house owners about how they want their quick-built container homes to look, and our modular house reflects that by being a prefab house.

What do you need to know when looking for a quick-built container house?

Security, efficacy, and professional appearance. That’s exactly what we give you in modular houses for your permanent or temporary residence.

Regardless of size or custom features needed for your quick-built container home, our research and design team at Khome steel structure will manufacture a portable house that does exactly what you need it to do for your construction site or warehouse.

All for a price you can actually afford.

Our customizable prefab container house features large, spacious interiors with 360° of sunlight, visibility, and ventilation for quick built container home. This is perfect for living in a house.

Our prefab steel structure provides maximum comfort in your prefab house, while professionally installed electricity, breaker panel boxes, data ports, and phone lines allow you to operate and communicate well.

You don’t have to sacrifice a thing when planning your quick-built container home.

Let us design a portable home with your specific needs in mind. You’ll find that your Worker Housing gives you plenty of flexibility while allowing for a huge amount of productivity.


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