Ready Built Houses


Ready Built Houses

Ready built houses or prefabs are extremely popular in Africa, Japan, Europe, the United States of America, and Canada. Owing to the lengthy construction time for conventional brick-and-mortar structures and growing awareness about environmental concerns, many people nowadays prefer building ready built houses over traditional houses. However, in some countries, prefab homes are still at a very nascent stage. People are skeptical about ready built houses, mainly because there is a lot of misinformation about how these homes are built and their benefits.

So, let us set the record straight and know four important things about ready built houses,

There is a common perception that prefab homes are not safe as the traditional home because of the alternative construction materials and methods used. However, this is not true. These homes are entirely safe for several reasons. Firstly, ready built houses are constructed as per the building codes and regulations.

And throughout the construction process, the experts conduct a thorough inspection at every stage. Another reason why ready built homes are safe is because of the construction process. The various units and sub-assemblies are constructed in a controlled environment to reinforce the structure for long-term usage.

Depending on your prefab home’s size and design, you can construct the house in as little as 2 weeks. Khome steel structure, through its experience and expertise in prefabricated construction technology, offers solutions that are 3 times faster than conventional construction.


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