Ready Made Houses


Ready Made Houses

The Henan K-HOME Steel Structure Co., Ltd is a leading Pre-engineered Metal Building and Ready-Made Houses solutions supplier in china with brilliant prices. The company has one of the best steel home kits suitable for a wide range of applications and preferably fit for office and professional works. As you know steel home solutions have become a popular standard and are gaining industrial grounds for increased supplies on different grounds. The company has over 14 years of experience in the field dealing with all kinds of PEB building constructions as well as Steel House Kit level management to enhance its productivity. The supplier also has other areas of services including Construction Site Containers, Ablution containers, Accommodation Container, Container Clinic, Office Container, Porta Cabin, Living Containers, Prefab Container House, Portable Classrooms, Flat Pack Container House and other solutions.

The Henan K-HOME Steel Structure Co., Ltd has leading steel homes for preferable applications and can be customized to the requirement if needed. The houses are built on quality foundations as well as following specific industrial rules and regulations to keep standards to the line.


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