Refugee Housing Solutions


Refugee Housing Solutions

When people are in need due to natural disasters or conflict-induced displacement, a well-designed and rapidly deployed Refugee Housing Solution can mean the difference between life and death. Khome presents some of the most innovative emergency shelters we have encountered.

Natural disasters, political unrest, wars and other emergencies unfortunately occur all too often, leaving hundreds and thousands of people homeless and in danger. Through a combination of innovative technology, careful design and a passion for humanitarian aid, incredible creations are made to address these situations.

One of these creations comes from Khome Steel Structure, who has developed a unique and tailor-made solution for refugees and rescuers: a rapidly transportable emergency shelter system. Disaster areas could become a little more liveable thanks to Khome’ s Refugee Housing Solutions.


Khome’ s  refugee solution comes flat-packed and is easy to build. Whereas other tents require you to use poles and stakes, the Khome Refugee shelters asks only that you pull on its metal poles and stretch it out. Shelter designed for multiple families can be set up instantly in disaster areas. War and natural disasters unfortunately seem to be one thing that the march of technology and design cannot eradicate. Here’s hoping that designers continue creating tools and shelters designed to aid victims of these awful events.

Khome creates quickly deployable accommodation solutions that provide shelter, safety, and comfort to exhausted emergency services workers, and refugees, among others. There are approximately 57 million people worldwide directly affected by the refugee crisis alone.

Khome refugee solution container is durable and provides an actual roof and walls for those sleeping within it — something that’s invaluable when living in harsh conditions and extreme weather. Furthermore, these huts come equipped with showers, toilets, and electricity.


Khome’ s Refugee shelters operates similarly, you can choose the simple hut structure, and then you can select the exact layout you prefer, if you wish to have common areas, bathrooms, dining areas, and many extra add ons based entirely on your needs. Each hut comes with a built-in table, bench, and sink.

Environmentally speaking they’re fantastic. As they’re only placed above ground, once they’re removed there is no left-over damage.

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