Relocatable Buildings


Relocatable Buildings

While permanent modular construction is becoming a strong force in the industry, it still holds its roots in relocatable modular buildings that serve as solutions for immediate but temporary needs. Portable and relocatable buildings can be essential in situations where the speed of delivery is just as important as the ability to eventually relocate. In most cases, temporary buildings are utilized to alleviate overcrowded space or as swing space when a primary building cannot be used.

The advantages that relocatable modular building can bring to a school or business looking to address immediate space needs are:


Fast delivery – Temporary modular buildings can be on-site and ready for occupancy in as little as 30 days from contract.

Ease of relocation – When you no longer need your modular building, it can be quickly and easily removed from your site.

Low-cost reconfiguration – Manufactures can quickly modify a building to meet your business’s unique needs prior to delivery.


Enormous flexibility – Relocatable buildings can be installed alongside existing buildings or as a stand-alone structure.

One Important Fact About Relocatable Buildings,

People just becoming familiar with modular construction often get stuck on the term “temporary.” Temporary does not mean that a building is not built to last. In fact, temporary modular buildings are built for durability, because the goal is to ultimately relocate them and ready them for future use. In the modular industry, “temporary” has more to do with the permanence of the foundation and how the building is affixed than to the quality of the building.

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