Relocatable Homes


Relocatable Homes

People use our Relocatable homes in a lot of different ways. You can add it onto your property as a granny flat for relatives or guests. With so many options, any size family can feel at home and have the space they need. Or you can have it delivered to your worksite and use it as worker accommodations.

Build one as a base for your business and have an office you can really spread out in. Or (and this is our favorite option), build your dream holiday relocatable home in your favorite vacation spot for a perfect home away from home. All of our designs are also great as an affordable and flexible option for your main relocatable home. Whatever your needs, we can build the perfect modular home for you.

Relocatable homes are growing in popularity. People love them for a lot of different reasons. They’re affordable, flexible, energy-efficient, and can be ready in a lot less time than a traditional building project. Our relocatable homes are beautifully designed and built with expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

Building a modular home doesn’t mean that you can’t step outside the box! Choose from one of our fantastic layouts, and then make it your own. We’re happy to tailor any of our plans to fit your unique style, needs, and budget. We’ll even help you choose the best place on your property for your building. We use sustainability-friendly materials and energy-saving designs in all our plans.

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, so you know your new relocatable home will stand the test of time.

Call us today to start planning the perfect home for you. We’ll work with you on every stage of the process, from choosing the perfect layout, to customizing your  home, manufacturing, delivery, and installation. We’re here to make it easy, and you’ll always be in great hands along every step of the way.


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