Relocatable Modular Construction


Relocatable Modular Construction

We K-Home specialize in relocatable modular building projects for 15 years. Our temporary modular construction techniques combine the speed and cost-efficiency of the modular construction process. Until now our projects have covered as below:

modular schools



locker rooms

office space

commercial modular buildings


residential buildings

Our high-quality modular construction has a long life span and recycles to use features, so more and more investors choose to use our products used in their sites.

As a general contractor and a modular manufacturer, we are able to respond with greater flexibility to your specific needs and provide all-inclusive services.

You will have benefits of the modular construction building as below

  1. Reduce your construction time
  2. Easier to make budget control
  3. Save your money on labor cost
  4. Could complete your project easier, you can celebrate soon, time is money and time is life.
  5. Size and configuration are customizable, we can satisfy any of your inquiry, such as different color, decoration, fashion appearance, glass wall, etc.

For your project, we completed 99% of the items in our factory, and delivered them to your site by shipping or train, all you need to do is assemble it by reading our installation manual or we can send our engineer to your site to make assemble.

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