Remote Turnkey Camps


Remote Turnkey Camps

If you are looking for Remote Turnkey Camps Oilfield Housing for sale, then come to us. K-Home represents the symbol of the whole advanced oilfield housing for sale industry. Located in Xinxiang, the birthplace of the container building, K—home enjoys the benefit of the government-funded policy and generally becomes a welcoming company. We have built a friendly relationship with other 20 countries, of which many come to purchase our Oilfield Housing For Sale. You may be confused about what makes our housing so attractive, now I tell you the truth.

First, our Oilfield Quarters Accommodation meets the basic requirements in the oilfield. The electricity, water, and warming facility are all equipped. Workers could take a bash and washing there. We think this is very important for them. Our Oilfield Crew Quarters is warm-kept. With the sandwich panel walls, all the houses are connected with bolts. The tightness is strong enough to withstand the heavy wind and storm in the deep mountain.
The convenient facility, plus the low cost, makes it a top choice among workers.
Then, the size of oilfield housing could be tailor-made. Single room, double room or a room with many beds are all available in our company. Even this, our necessary facility will not be reduced. The house can be decorated into an apartment and lived directly without a second decoration.
Third, our Oilfield Mobile Camp for sale is made of light steel. This material is of high strength and ideal for oilfield housing. Moreover, it is easy to pack. We will seal the components into the box, the buyer only needs to wait for the products to be delivered and then installs them according to the instruction paper. Also, these materials can be recycled. Nothing will be wasted.
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