Repossessed Mobile Homes for Mining Camp


Repossessed Mobile Homes for Mining Camp

Henan K-Home Company Ltd is one of the pioneering companies that specialize in Repossessed Mobile Homes for Mining Camp. As our representative product, Modular Mining Building is welcomed by many foreign customers. Our business has expanded to South Africa, Austria, America, England, and other 20 countries.

Building a steel home is a wonderful investment! Building with our factory-made modern insulated prefab steel home you are getting superior strength, better energy efficiency, less maintenance, a non-combustible material. So now more and more has found these advantages and the prefabricated house has been their first choice. K house is evolved from the most mature international housing product. Because of the possibility of story houses, K-type is much more suitable for projects with a shortage of land resources.

1. Recycle use: all components are standard and fabricated in the factory, which makes it suitable for recycling use many times
2. Various selection: the house can be designed as single, two, or three stories, the outer panels can be selectable based on fireproof or non-fireproof materials
3.Quick installation
4. Environment-friendly: the materials can be recycled and no construction waste during construction

We K-Home has more than 10 years manufacture experience, they can be used for a various place as different usages, such as steelworker quarter, this is very hot in recent years, the size is feasible, so you can decide how many people live in one room, how big the room is. In addition, the house is light steel structure, installation period is much shorter than traditional buildings, so save time and low labor budget is the outstanding feature of the prefabricated building.

We enjoyed the highest degree of professional skills. Our products cover container building, prefabricated building houses, and other construction site houses. If there is any need, feel free to contact us. We will give the most perfect design and solutions according to your specific requirements


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