Repossessed Mobile Homes


Repossessed Mobile Homes

Repossessed Mobile Homes consist of modular components, each component is combined together with bolts and nuts.

Using modular design concepts and production technology, a box-style room can be modularized into standard parts and then assembled on-site at the site where it is used. The product uses the box as the basic unit. The box structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel components and the enclosure and heat preservation of A-grade non-combustible materials. The doors and windows are all matched and shipped together. You can move in without on-site secondary processing. It can be used alone, and can also meet customer space requirements and aesthetic requirements through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions.

Container Mobile House has a simple and safe structure and has low basic requirements. We will also send you to complete installation steps, video design drawings and other documents to help you quickly install it. It is easy to move and relocate, has many turnover times, and has a long service life. The product is a “green building” with no loss in disassembly and assembly, and no construction waste. It can be used as an office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom, entertainment, and combined large spaces. The needs of construction engineering camps, municipal temporary housing, field camps, emergency resettlement housing, schools, hospitals, tourist posts, and various commercial housing.


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