Rig Camps Oil Field Man Camp


Rig Camps Oil Field Man Camp

Compared with the traditional construction method, the container house adopts the “factory manufacturing + on-site installation” mode, which can greatly reduce construction time, reduce construction waste and decoration waste by about 90%, and increase the overall production efficiency by many times. Steel structure frame, sandwich panel wall, the sandwich layer is sound insulation and heat insulation material, indoor hardcover can be installed with air conditioner, beautiful and practical. The circuit system can adopt an invisible design or a surface-mounted design. We provide matching installation tools and accessories, which are safe and reliable. Can be used as an office, accommodation room. The applicability is very wide, such as modular office space, commercial stores, construction sites, family housing, factory offices, etc.

Construction advantages of modular Container house

  1. a) Faster speed: Modular container construction is 40-60% faster than traditional construction methods, and the delivery time can be reliably predicted and controlled.
  2. b) Cost-effectiveness: In the past, the cost of general modular building technology was higher than that of traditional building technology (such as brick-concrete structure, etc.). Now, the new modular container building adopts innovative technology, thereby reducing the cost of modular building. Compared with traditional brick-concrete buildings of the same scale, the economic benefits are better.
  3. c) Reduce the dependence on skilled workers. Modular container houses can be manufactured in factories. A specialized division of labor can use a large number of semi-skilled workers, thereby reducing the dependence on increasingly rare skilled workers.
  4. d) Safe construction method: Practice has proved that modular container construction is a safe construction method. Compared with traditional construction methods, it uses fewer parts.
  5. e) The quality is better: Modular container building modules are manufactured in a factory. The environment of the factory and indoor construction conditions will ensure that the quality is easier to control and improve, the defects are reduced, and the reliability of the product is improved. At the same time, it has high production efficiency.

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