Singapore Migrant Worker Dormitories


Singapore Migrant Worker Dormitories

This is our project in Singapore. The customer uses our container house as the container dorm. Each building has a toilet and bathroom. The 200-person dormitory was built in only a month or so, which greatly saved customers’ time and money.

In each room, we equippe with 7 single beds, desk, wardrobe, etc. for our customers. Can fully meet the basic needs of workers’ accommodation.

At the same time we provide customers with toilets and bathrooms. There is a partition between each toilet and shower, and the floor adopts cement board + aluminum board, which is not easy to slip, and easy to clean.

The walkway board is on the second floor, and there are stairs next to it. Workers can walk freely on top.

We specially set up the secondary roof for our customers, and the roof has an excellent drainage system. Even in the rainy season, there will be no water on the roof and the house will not get damp.

After finished these dormitories, customer use them immediately, and we get good feedback from our customers.

In addition to projects in Singapore, we also have projects in Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Philippines and other places. We have very rich export experience, and we have a professional design team that can design a reasonable plan according to the customer’s local conditions. So, if you want to use temporary modular container buildings as dormitories or camps. Please contact us, we will give you a reasonable solution and competitive price.


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