Sip Cabin Kits


Sip Cabin Kits

While it’s an insulating product for sure, SIP cabin kits are more than insulation. They are really a complete alternative to traditional building practices. The panels don’t go into the walls of a home or sip cabin; they actually are the walls.
A core of expanded polystyrene foam is sandwiched between an exterior and interior sheathing with the whole thing bonded together to form a solid wall or roof unit. In fact, the industry claims a SIP cabin kit is two and a half times stronger than a stud-framed wall, eliminating the need for a truss system.

It’s also good to mention that it’s considered an inert product, meaning that the sip cabin kit won’t emit noxious chemicals into your indoor or outdoor living.

There are advantages for the modest up-front cost for building a SIP Cabin Kits structure. Although you can expect to pay 1 to 3 percent more up-front, you’ll save right away on labor. Given the framing, sheathing and insulation is a one-step deal, wide lengths of wall go up very quickly – and they are pipe and wire ready. Another time saver is that unlike wood that has natural bends in it, SIPs Cabin Kits are straight, plumb and fit together perfectly and quickly.
Another SIP Cabin Kit advantage that’s important to the cabin crowd is increased fire resistance. When your beloved place is up a lonely dirt road in the outback, you need all the preventative advantages you can get. SIP Cabin Kits structures can be made even more flame retardant by ordering factory-added fire resistant paints and/or thicker board to your custom panels during manufacturing.


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