Sip Panel Homes


Sip Panel Homes

Let’s start by defining what Sip Panel Homes is. Panel Homes are made from sandwich panels that are structurally laminated to either side of a continuous core of expanded polyutyrene insulation. It is important to note that  SIPs can be produced using different methods or even using the same methods.


What are the benefits of choosing to build an energy efficient SIP home? There are many, but some of the highlights include: a lower cost to heat and cool your prefab home, increased comfort levels, healthier interiors, and knowing that you are doing your part to reduce energy consumption.

Save on Energy Bills

Did you know, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for about 40% of your total energy costs per year? The best way to reduce your energy consumption is to reduce energy loss. This is where Khome SIP panels homes have the greatest influence. SIP homes provide improved resistance to the energy lost through air leaks and thermal transfer. For example, when your interior air remains at more consistent temperatures, your heating and cooling systems do not have to work as hard. This means, while your energy bills will not disappear, you will notice a dramatic reduction in the cost to heat and cool your new prefab home.

Live More Comfortably in Your Prefab Home

Most of us living in traditional homes have learned to deal with rooms getting too hot, and then too cold– as well as spaces that feel colder in one spot than they do in another. If you hate drafts and get tired of taking your sweater off and on, then get ready to smile. The tightness of a Khome SIP home helps keep cold air from entering your warm spaces and causing drafts. Many homeowners who choose to build an energy-efficient SIP home for the energy cost savings, spend more time talking about how amazingly comfortable their new home feels when compared to past homes


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