Sip Prefabricated Home


Sip Prefabricated Home

With the strength, sustainability and most importantly the insulation qualities and the airtight finish that sip prefabricated homes provide, many leading people within the construction industry think that all houses will built with prefab sips in the future.

The main advantage of prefabricated home for you is a much shorter build time for your new home.
Because the SIPs are pre manufactured as a kit, they are usually installed in less than two weeks for an average house saving weeks sometime months on the build time.

Khome steel structure Kit Build are one of a few companies that offer construction with SIPs for smaller projects as well as large houses and small developments.

We are able to provide a bespoke package through all the stages from design through to a fully managed onsite installation.

Building with SIPS could not be easier

  • Whether new build, renovation or extension, send us your drawings of your project in PDF These can be simple drawings or more detailed Architects drawings.
  • Our quotation will be returned as soon as possible and will be fairly comprehensive itemising the extent of what we supply, the extent of our site installations, the plant needed, scaffold required and all our terms and conditions.
  • Upon an order being placed, Khome Steel structure will provide all the external structural walls and roof  along with all the required structural elements that are required .
  • Internal partitions are usually included and are part of our design if these are required as part of the overall support structure.

When building the modular buildings Khome always prefers the customer satisfaction. In order to get your sip prefabricated home contact khome today and our design team will help you build your dream sip home.


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