Sips Panel House Kits


Sips Panel House Kits

Khome Steel Structure gives greater design freedom when building to sloping sites, variable bearing conditions, or where additions to an existing prefab home might require more than one type of sub-floor construction.

Our Sips panel house kits are the best choice for sloping or sensitive sites, where costly earthworks and retaining walls or loss of established shade trees may result from traditional slab on-ground construction. Khome steel structure sandwich panels can be adapted to all common methods of construction, from the ground, or from the floor up.

On level sites or within inner urban areas, where slab on ground may be a preference, Khome Panel house kits can be utilized to speed construction and increase the overall thermal performance and living comfort of any modular home.

Khome steel structure significantly reduces build time and costs, and can be used seamlessly with traditional trussed roofs where the established prefabricated housing typology adopts a common hip and valley tiled or galvanized steel sheet roof forms.

Our system lends itself to all prefab housing types and methods of construction. The system is however without parallel on sites with even moderate slope, those subject to flooding or elevated groundwater, varied bearing or where landscape features are intended to be left undisturbed.

In two storey  prefabricated homes or second floor additions, structure may dictate the use of a conventional flooring system of panel houses. Khome sips panels house kits can be utilized to achieve greater clear spans and reduce the prefab house cost in total, or Khome steel panels can be installed to build the prefab houses.

Both options improve insulation between climate controlled zones providing greater internal comfort and reduction in energy costs, better acoustics and more privacy throughout the prefab home.

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