Site Office Container


Site Office Container

Modular Site Office Container Buildings Save Time and Money

We can custom build a ground-level office out of our modular container. There are quite a few options available to meet your exact needs. Ground-level offices are ideal when you need immediate office space for a Jobsite or temporary project. Our container office build-outs do not require a foundation, can be delivered and used immediately, and provide much more security than a traditional modular office building.

Sturdy, weather-resistant, and modular, repurposed steel modular containers are suitable for an infinite number of industrial, military and workplace applications. Using light steel galvanized steel structure containers as a blank canvas, our engineering and design teams can customize these structures based on your unique goals and specifications.

Those who choose to build an office with modular container structures can expect to:

Save money: Site office modular container-based buildings compress time to revenue.

Save time: Assembling shipping container-based modules on-site is significantly faster than traditional construction.

Reduce hassle: A quality-controlled building process ensures quotes and deadlines are reliable.

The portable container offices are becoming more popular and we k-home has experience custom fabricating off the grid living spaces out of modular containers. Please fill out a request for a quote and include as much detail as possible as to what exactly you are looking for in a living space and we will get back to you with further questions and costs.


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