Site Welfare Unit


Site Welfare Unit

Providing environmentally safe, clean and legally compliant site welfare unit u for your construction site is made simple by Khome steel structure. With a variety of mobile and prefab welfare units manufactured, a site manager can be assured that the site has the correct facilities for its workers.

Khome site welfare units are manufactured to the quality measures required by the construction and construction rental markets. Energy performance is maintained by high standards of insulation, LED lighting, low carbon ‘air’ heating and fuel-saving battery/generator combinations.

Contractors provide welfare facilities and clients must ensure this happens. The pre-construction information prepared by the client should include the arrangements for welfare provision.

On notifiable projects (longer than 30 days or 500 person days), the client must ensure the construction phase does not start unless they are satisfied that there are arrangements for welfare facilities to be provided.

Contractors must maintain the facilities throughout the life of the project. The nature and scale of facilities required will depend on the size, location and type of project.


We specialise in site storage and welfare cabin facilities for all kinds of projects and sectors, providing you with complete solutions from a single toilet unit through to a contractor’s village. With over 20,000 units on fleet, we can provide you with an innovative solution to meet all of your project needs.

Our Project managers have years of experience and knowledge to help you plan your project. A site survey will identify all resources required, then a dedicated centre of excellence will be allocated to the project. The team at the centre will be responsible for ensuring your accommodation  prefab units are of the correct specification and delivered in line with the project plans.

Our Project Managers are qualified and competent Appointed Persons (Lifting Operations). They will create and deliver accurate project work plans, lifting plans and safe systems of work to meet all of your site welfare unit requirements to comply with local company procedures and legislation. We understand on site activities often change and we will revise and adapt the safe systems of work to meet your changing needs, to ensure minimal delay to your project.


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