Small Modular Homes


Small Modular Homes

Modular homes are often pitched as a low-cost, environment friendly buildings. With many people priced out of the conventional housing market and looking to keep monthly energy costs down, these prefab homes are starting to look more and more attractive. Are modular homes on your radar? This article will answer some basic questions and highlight some home manufacturers who are really building green in the world.

Small Modular homes are simply homes built in modules at a factory rather than at a building site. Homeowners work with the manufacturers, along with their own builders, to design a home that suits their needs. Homeowners can choose from pre-existing plans or create a custom design of Khome Steel Structure.

The builder is responsible for preparing the building site and excavating a foundation for the house to sit on, as well as utility and sewer hookups. Khome modular home manufacturer builds the home itself.

Once the modules are completed, they’re trucked to the building site and assembled on the prepared foundation. After assembly, the finishing work looks much like it would with any conventional home.

Small modular homes can have the advantage of conventionally built homes is in energy efficiency. Since these homes are built under factory conditions, they can test for, and achieve, a tighter building envelope.

How environmentally friendly a modular home is depends largely on the manufacturer’s, and the homeowner’s, priorities. As with any home, a Khome modular home could incorporate water-saving measures, alternative energy sources, waste management strategies and sustainable finishing materials

The cost of any modular home depends not just on whether you go in for fancy upgrades, but also on basic things like how far you are from the factory where your prefab home is being built.



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