Steel Building Homes


Steel Building Homes

With Khome Steel Buildings homes, construction of a building can be completed at three times faster rate than conventional methods of construction even in seismic, hilly, coastal and high-wind areas. Ideal for low-rise low-span structures, Khome Steel buildings are 100% customized, aesthetic, durable and green buildings with inbuilt stability.

This innovative state-of-the-art technology is the fastest for manufacturing and erecting a prefab building. Using the core strength of high tensile steel, its Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) system allows multiple applications across residential and commercial sectors. Khome Steel Buildings offer great design flexibility and allow architects & interior designers to choose from a large variety of internal and external finishes. Besides offering great design flexibility, these prefab buildings are also resistant to adverse weather conditions, earthquake, moisture, termite and fire.

Khome is china based Steel building homes manufacturer. We have a dedicated team of designers, engineers and project managers to help our clients build best prefab homes.

Once we receive a quote from our clients ,we find the best possible way to build a steel building home.

Steel Building homes– Smarter Way to Build

  • Reduced Site Works – Pre-Engineered Sections require only assembling at the site.
  • Reduced Material Wastage – Proper Calculations and Estimation are done.
  • Improved Quality- Elements manufactured in a factory controlled environment.
  • Increased Strength – Steel provides high Strength-to-Weight Ratio.
  • Increased Safety – Earthquake Resistant. Designed as per IS Code provisions for seismic and wind loads.
  • Increased Fire Resistance – Components used are trial and tested for combustibility.
  • Increased Speed – Factory made components require one-third the time for completing the buildings.
  • Increased Flexibility – Steel buildings are totally customized to deliver breathtaking aesthetics.
  • Increased Savings – Since prefab buildings are lighter in weight, foundation required is also light.
  • Reduced Hassle – We provide end to end solutions for dry construction, sparing you the grim images of a construction sites.
  • Reduced Weight – Steel building homes are light in weight.


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