Steel Building Kits


Steel Building Kits

Steel Building Kits at Khome are available worldwide. We manufacture and sell residential steel structures that are built from a steel rigid frame design and manufactured. Our manufacturing process requires stringent certification at different stages so building codes are met. Independent auditors ensure tracking of mill certifications, raw materials and proper standards are met.

For businesses and homeowners that want a solid, long lasting prefabricated building that is economical and easily adaptable to different uses the steel building kit is most often the preferred choice. Khome steel structure pre-engineered metal kits are a building system that combines several heavy duty components that are bolted together, and all of the welding is done at our manufacturing plant and delivered to you ready to erect. Everything is prefabricated and pre-engineered for you. This includes the openings for windows, doors and vents etc.

As one of the premier metal building companies our entire process is state of the art as we utilize “welded up” frames as opposed to mill sections so that we can customize for strength and design. We can shift materials to where they are most effective during the engineering process.

Khome steel structure prefab frame and pre-engineered metal building systems consist of sandwich panels- galvanized steel plates, secondary purlin members for the roof and beam members to support the walls (cold-formed steel & steel joists), and insulated metal roof and wall cladding systems with your choice of gauge steel. Each pre-engineered steel building kit comes with the best grade bolts, nuts and panels to form the structure’s walls and roof.

Khome Steel Structure best practice is efficient use of materials that results in no residual waste. There is no waste of materials that would otherwise result in added costs to our clients.

The clear span design of a Steel building kit means that inside the building there are no beams or support structures needed in the space inside to support the building’s integrity and stability. This gives you 100% use of the area inside the metal building. With our pre-engineered metal building systems you can customize the specifications such as roof pitch, width, height, length, gauge steel used, entry doors and windows and other accessories built into your metal building.


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