Steel Container Homes


Steel Container Homes

The prefab containers market in the last five years has witnessed continuous growth. According to industry reports, the global steel container home market is anticipated to reach $73,070.5 million by 2025.

Container homes are now becoming increasingly popular in other countries as people around the world have started opting for a sustainable lifestyle.

Steel container homes are tiny homes made from the steel structure containers that are increasingly becoming a popular trend when it comes to architecture and design. These huge steel container homes are joined and stack together to build multiple stories.

One of the major perks of living in steel container homes is that they are quite affordable.

Steel container homes are built from strong metal that makes them indestructible and hence sustainable. They can withstand harsh climatic conditions and they are designed to bear heavy loads. Due to their structural stability, they are extremely safe for natural disaster-prone areas.

Container homes are portable because they can be shipped and moved anywhere in the country with minimal logistical legwork.  Steel container homes can last at least for 25 years but they can last even much longer if they are properly maintained.

However, rusting is the only issue that can reduce the lifespan of these homes. But Khome has you covered as we use galvanized steel in our steel Container Homes.


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