Prefab Modular Office


Prefab Modular Office

K-Home have engaged in the prefab house for more than 15 years, now we have the most professional team to design the house as you required, and our engineer also give very professional suggest about the reasonable of the house.

The K type prefabricated house can be used to different fields, such as labor camp, dormitory, prefab office office and so on.

We care about the most cost effective solution for you and most suitable solution to satisfy your requirement.


1) K prefab house advantage is easy construction, inexpensive, time-saving, labor saving, convenient transportation, recyclable material, safety.

2) K house steel structures are so strong that can resist heavy wind of 120 km/h and 7-grade earthquakes.

3) K prefabricated house own good fireproofing and heat insulation performance.

4) K house can anti-worm and ant. All the steel structure is anti-rusting because it has been painted the paint and can normally use for more than 10years.

5) K prefab house can be recycled use.

6) Beautiful appearance. K prefab house has red and blue colors for chosen for the wall, roof, and steel structure.

7) 6 people could install 200 square meters one day.


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