Steel Home Building Kits


Steel Home Building Kits

Steel Home Building Kits are an outstanding choice as a cost-effective, quickly constructed, and hassle-free housing solution that allows for incredible design flexibility.

Khome Steel Structure specializes in supplying China-sourced steel building homes with floor plans suitable for everything from studio designs to larger-footprint, family-sized houses. Every steel home we sell is tailor-engineered for the customer, translating into a unique, fully-featured prefab home that will stand the test of time while providing unmatched safety, security, and low cost-of-ownership.

Those looking to construct a new steel home have more choices today than they’ve ever had in the past. Steel-framed homes have become a go-to option because of their strength, attractive aesthetics, and superior energy efficiency. And, because the complete steel home building kits can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world, anyone can invest in a long-term residential steel building that doesn’t come with the shortfalls associated with wood-framed homes.

Wood-framed homes have longer construction timelines, require extensive third-party engineering and architectural design, and are prone to environmental risks like termites and wood rot.

Khome Steel Structure eliminate these concerns entirely while also providing world-class durability even in harsh climates.

Your new steel home building kit comes complete and fully customized with your choice of accessories and much more!

Let us show you why Khome Steel Structure has become the nation’s leader in supplying prefabricated steel buildings throughout the World. Spend less, build faster, and have confidence in the structural integrity of your new Steel home Building Kit.

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